Human Barbie Claims She Was Beat Up And Strangled Outside Her Home (Photos)

Being a controversial public figure is not without its downsides, especially if your normal days are spent claiming to be a Human Barbie doll.

Valeria Lukyanova, 28, was reportedly assaulted outside her apartment building by two men on Halloween. She was coming back to her Odessa, Ukraine, home from shopping when she claims the pair stepped out of the darkness.

According to Lukyanova, they punched in the face and jaw repeatedly, before one began strangling her.

The woman told press that neither tried to rob her, and they never spoke. The woman's neighbor reportedly arrived at the scene, at which point the men ran.

Lukyanova was hospitalized until her release yesterday, sharing photos of her battered face and lips.

She said,

I have been on the strongest pain killer for four days, but still woke in the middle of the night from horrible pains. I feel a little better, but my jaw is still hurting badly.

Lukyanova says that she's been receiving threats for over two years, although this is the first incident of a physical attack.

The woman is best known as the Human Barbie and became famous for her exaggerated features, reminiscent of the iconic blonde doll. Lukyanova, who believes she is a demi-god, was also the subject of a 2013 Vice documentary entitled "Space Barbie."

Lukyanova shared pictures of her injuries online.

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