This 175LB Pit Bull Named Hulk May Actually Be The Sweetest Dog Ever (Video)

The Grennan family named their pit bull Hulk for a reason, and it's not because they're fans of the comic book character: At 175 pounds, the dog really is hulking.

And the 17-month-old puppy, the star of this week's Barcroft TV feature, is supposed to grow even more.

Unfazed by his size, owner and professional trainer Lisa Grannan calls Hulk an "amazing family dog," and insists she has "no problem" letting Hulk play with her 3-year-old son, Jordan.

She says,

[Pit bulls] are dogs like any other dog. No matter what breed, its all completely on how you raise them.

And though a pit bull this size certainly sounds menacing, once you take a look at Hulk, you'll see just how sweet the pooch really is.

Check out a video of the gentle giant up top.

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