The Missouri House Speaker Was Caught Sexting A College-Aged Intern

by Emily Arata

John Diehl may have denied inappropriately texting his college intern, but he forgot to mention iMessage.

An exposé published by The Kansas City Star accused the married Missouri house speaker and father of three of carrying on a behind-the-scenes affair with an intern.

According to the report, the speaker's office reportedly denied allegations of any inappropriate text messages being exchanged between Diehl and the college freshman.

However, messages "obtained" from Apple's iMessage service show dozens of flirty texts, including selfies and emoji.

The exchanges seem to imply the pair also had a relationship outside of the digital dialogue.

The intern involved reportedly denied the relationship to The Star journalists but confirmed it to a friend.

Diehl declined to comment publicly.

The revelation of a potential affair adds to an oddly-timed announcement that this semester's Capitol internship program with Missouri Southern State University would end early, reports The Star.

The Star published a portion of the screenshots it claims show an illicit relationship between the Republican house speaker and a college student.

They're not pretty.

This story is certainly still developing.

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