The Hottest Math Teacher In The World Is Also A Male Model

by Gillian Fuller

Having a hot teacher is pretty much every student's fantasy.

For a handful of lucky learners at University College London, however, it's no fantasy. Professor Boselli is every co-ed's dream come true.

If the name Boselli sounds familiar, it's because the math professor, Pietro Boselli, is actually pretty famous — he's a male model.

Student Arief Azli discovered his hot professor's second career while perusing Instagram. He then decided to out his professor, who is represented by the Models 1 Agency.

Though the model professor left the university in June 2014, presumably to pursue modeling full-time, we're still convinced Boselli is the World's Hottest Teacher, past, present and future.

We'd let him teach us whatever he wanted to.

This is Pietro Boselli.

This delicious specimen was a professor at University College London.

As you can see, he's the world's hottest teacher.

He even has a PhD.


He was outed as a model by one of his students.

Here is Pietro Boselli in action

He's no longer working as a professor.

But he's still modeling.

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