Hong Kong Protests End With Unified Cries For Democracy And Change (Video)

Occupy Central came to a close over the weekend as Hong Kong police dismantled the remaining protest sites in the region.

Eleven weeks ago, pro democracy protests exploded into the streets of Hong Kong, capturing the world's attention.

Elite Daily captured footage of the peaceful, yet somber cessation to these demonstrations. It's apparent that Hong Kong residents are still extremely dissatisfied when it comes to their rights being respected by the Chinese government.

The Hong Kong protestors desire universal suffrage, but the government ultimately made no concessions in this regard. The demonstrations began initially because China's government went back on a promise to allow Hong Kong to democratically elect its own leader in 2017.

Instead, the Chinese government has decided that it will choose the candidates for this election. Obviously, this isn't very democratic, and Hong Kong's reaction to this decision is quite understandable.

It's apparent that the movement for democracy in Hong Kong is far from over, and the Chinese government will undoubtedly face challenges in the future.

Video provided by ED correspondents Stephanie Ip & Kevin Cureau.

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