Man Gives Homeless Book Lover A Kindle So He Can Read More Books

With the gift of a Kindle, a Redditor changed the life of a homeless man.

Several days ago, Reddit user Mjuad explained to /r/Pics that he'd donated his e-reader to a down-and-out man, identified only as Paul, after meeting him during a business trip to Las Vegas.

After days of exchanging greetings on the street, Paul revealed his love of reading. Unfortunately, he had only one battered book in his possession and wasn't in a financial position to buy more.

The San Diego-based businessman, struck by memories of his own near-poverty experiences, considered the Kindle to be a small gesture, only amounting to an hour or two of his current salary.

He passed the little reader, fully stocked with hundreds of books both classic and new, to Paul.

Moreover, Mjuad offered to restock the Kindle on his own dime when Paul finishes reading.

The homeless man, who has access to public outlets in order to charge his new Kindle, can send the e-reader to Mjuad's home address.

The post, which since merited more than 3,000 comments on Reddit, is a reminder that the things we take for granted could be a huge boost to someone else who's struggling.

In an email, Mjuad told the Huffington Post,

It brought me a lot of joy to see someone getting so much from something that I gave them. It feels so good to see someone get so much for something I took for granted... I'm also hoping that by sharing this, I will encourage others to do something kind as well.

And while Paul settles down to read McCarthy and Faulkner, Mjuad's investing in the new Kindle Voyage with the light heart of someone who's been part of a transformative experience.

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