Hillary Clinton Has More Facebook Fans In Baghdad Than Any Other City

With the announcement of Hillary Clinton's bid for president comes the news her social media presence is deeply confusing.

Vocativ combed through the fans of Clinton's Facebook pages. Surprisingly, her biggest supporter base wasn't in New York or Boston.

In fact, according to the website's analysis, more of Clinton's supporters are from Baghdad, Iraq than any other city.

At 7 percent, the amount of fans in Baghdad beats out the numbers from Texas' major cities as well as areas like New York and Chicago.

It's especially odd considering the biggest gaffe of Clinton's career was arguably her decision to back the Iraq War during the early aughts.

However, one possible answer to Clinton's fanbase lies in fake accounts.

After running the numbers through two different tools, Daily Mail alleges only up to 44 percent of the politician's Twitter followers are real accounts.

The media outlet also notes the US State Department, Clinton's former place of employment, reportedly purchased $630,000 worth of Facebook "likes" between 2011 and 2013.

According to Vocativ's analysis, a large portion of Clinton's Facebook fans are from Baghdad.

See the complete rankings below.

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