High School Senior Jessica Lee Sneaks Biggie Lyric In Yearbook Quote


If you thought you had a cool high school yearbook quote, a high school senior by the name of Jessica Lee shows you blew it, as she used her chemistry knowledge to sneak a Notorious B.I.G. lyric into her yearbook.

Lee posted the cryptic message that is seemingly a bunch of random elements:

Harmless, right? That is, until you look at the symbols for these elements in order:

For those keeping score at home, that spells out “F*ck bitches, get money.”

Well played, Miss Lee. Between your innocent smile and love of chemistry, we never would’ve guessed.

Hopefully she hasn’t used her chemistry knowledge coupled with Biggie’s “Ten Crack Commandments” to flood her streets with crack cocaine. We’ll never know, however, because at this point, there is no underestimating Jessica Lee.