Worst Senior Prank Leaves A Dead Animal And Urine In School's Halls (Photos)

A vile prank at a Tennessee high school left 100 seniors banned from graduation.

According to Local 8 Now, the idea for a senior prank at Sequoyah High School was conceived in a Facebook group involving nearly half of the graduating class.

The plan was to litter the halls with glitter, balloons, toilet paper and fishing lines.

Students gathered at the school, which has security cameras, around midnight last Thursday to find the doors to the gym unlocked.

Numerous sheriff's deputies were standing guard, but they allowed the students in after warning them they'd be kicked out if anything was damaged.

Katelin Barnes, a senior at Sequoyah High School, said,

The doors in the back of the school were propped open with a chair. They told us when we got in the school, Officer Fisher did, that don't steal anything and don't break anything and we'll be good.

The prank proceeded as planned until around 1 am when a second, more mischievous group of kids arrived.

These students covered the walls with urine, baby oil and ketchup, and they let chickens and crickets loose in the hallways.

Lockers were looted, posters were torn down and marbles were placed in front of several doorways so teachers would fall.

At least one dead possum was found on the floor.

Many members of the first group left the school in disgust.

Kody Hampton told Local 8 Now,

I walked out of the building, I looked at the camera and said 'I was not part of this.' It was awful.

Three teachers filed workman's comp claims after encountering the prank.

Several students report the second group amounted to just 20 students, but Superintendent Tim Blankenship declared any student who was at the school that night would not be allowed to graduate.

Monroe Country Sheriff Tommy Jones gave a statement confirming he fired one of the officers who let the students in, and the school's principal, Gary Cole, was suspended without pay due to an unspecified role in the prank.

Cole's role in the prank is currently under investigation with the possibility of further punishment.

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