High School Students Pull Off An Amazing Flash Mob At Their Graduation (Video)

If your graduation didn’t involve a choreographed flash mob, then your graduation sucked.

Before heading off to the next stage of their lives, the Portsmouth High class of 2015 wanted to leave a Taylor Swift-shaped legacy in the hallowed halls of their soon-t0-be alma mater.

But how does one encapsulate the essence of the world’s most beloved singer while sitting in a school gym?

Easy. A choreographed flash mob.

As far as I’m concerned, flash mobs will never go out of fashion. They instantly make any event WAY better.

There is nothing that can’t be improved with a well-planned flash mob.

I would watch CNBC every day if I knew the cast of “Power Lunch” would break into random choreographed dance to the hits of today.

Really, the only way to improve a flash mob is to have a second flash mob happen during the original flash mob.

These high school kids get it, and so should the rest of the world.