Heroic Dog Protects Its Blind Owner By Jumping In Front Of Oncoming Bus

The Journal News

Yesterday, a service dog named Figo became a local hero in Brewster, New York after bravely putting his life on the line to save his blind owner, Audrey Stone.

The golden retriever was guiding Stone across the street when he spotted a mini bus heading toward them.

Even though it was moving slowly, the bus didn't seem to be stopping.

Instinct kicked in, and Figo did what he could to protect his 62-year-old owner: He leapt in front of the bus, simultaneously pushing Stone out of harm's way.

The golden retriever and bus collided but, fortunately, the accident was not fatal. Figo suffered a bone-deep laceration on his leg while Stone had several injuries, including a fractured elbow, three broken ribs and a fractured ankle.

If Figo hadn't jumped in front of her, however, the injuries would likely be significantly worse.

Immediately after the collision, a nearby gas station manager named Paul Schwartz rushed to the scene to help.

He told USA Today,

I don't know if [the driver] thought [Stone] was going to move faster, but it looks like the dog tried to take most of the hit for her. There were 15 EMTs and people all around her and the dog didn't want to leave her side. He was flopping over to her and she didn't want him to get away from her, either. She kept screaming, 'Where's Figo? Where's Figo? Where's Figo?' We kept telling her he was fine.

Ambulances took Stone to the hospital, and a Brewster Fire Department truck brought Figo to a local vet where he underwent surgery for his injured leg.

Both are still receiving treatment for their injuries, and an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the collision.

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