Happy Columbus Day: The Day We Celebrate A Racist, Crusading Murderer

by Sean Levinson

Today we celebrate the legacy of one of the most monstrous explorers to ever walk the Earth. Odds are, you’ve probably already heard that Christopher Columbus’s “discoveries” have been grossly exaggerated and his treatment of Native Americans makes Bashar al-Assad look like a nice guy.

Still, it should be known that the reason many of us feel the need to proclaim Columbus’s atrocities on this day, and every other day, is that more and more of them are being dug up. Yet even though we have more than enough proof that Columbus was more like a sadistic dictator than a courageous adventurer, the man still has his own holiday.

Please take a few minutes to read this incredibly enlightening piece from The Oatmeal to further your understanding of yet another unfounded, stupid-ass tradition that only solidifies our country's uneducated reputation every time we celebrate it.

Via: The Oatmeal, Top Photo Courtesy: Wiki Commons