Guy's iPhone Falls To Bottom Of The Ocean And Records The Entire Journey (Video)

While vacationing on a boat in Menorca, Spain, Gregory Papadin accidentally dropped his iPhone into the ocean.

For most of us, this would be game over. Vacation ruined.

But luck was on Papadin's side that day.

He was taking a video of his surroundings when he dropped the device into the water.

Miraculously, it continued recording even while submerged, protected from damage by a very dependable waterproof case.

As the phone drifted to the ocean floor, it caught footage of the underwater landscape, even filming a small fish as it nervously darted by.

Fortunately, the captain of the ship dutifully dove down to retrieve the phone and return it to Papadin, who uploaded the amazing underwater footage to YouTube.

See for yourself up top.

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