Genius Is Making Money By Selling Snow To People In Warmer Places

Apple founder Steve Jobs described innovation as the single factor separating a leader from a follower.

If that's the case, Kyle Waring should be the next president. reports the Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts man created Ship Snow, Yo, an unconventional service delivering chunks of the Boston area's frosty covering to those living in areas too warm for snowfall.

During this winter alone, Boston received a record-breaking 8.3 feet of snow. Instead of complaining on Twitter about shoveling the driveway, Waring purchased a website domain.

He writes on the Ship Snow, Yo website,

This is your chance to not only own a piece of history, but also help save Boston from #Snowmageddon2015! Every order counts!

For customer convenience, Waring offers multiple sizes of snow mail: a 16.9 oz. snow bottle ($19.99) or 6 lbs. of packed snow ($89).

The website notes although your order will most likely arrive as water, not snow, Waring will happily include a "before" image of your package in every order. As of Monday, he'd mailed out 112 packages.

He told,

It seems to be corporations paying for the $90 product as a funny gesture, where the $20 one is regular consumers.

Ship snow, yo – because what else are you going to do with it?

Waring shows off the smallest size package, a water bottle filled with powder.

He enlists the help of the family pet, adding, "dog not included."

Waring and his team are working on ways to ensure each shipment arrives frozen.

Take your time ordering, because it's not likely he'll run out anytime soon.

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