Guy Secretly Records His Wife's Beautiful Singing On A Hidden Camera (Video)

If I told you a man placed a hidden camera in his home to sneakily film his wife singing, you’d probably assume his intentions were to embarrass her, to catch her wailing along horribly to some bad 80s song.

That assumption would be incorrect.

In college, TJ McConahay’s wife had been a frequent performer with a gorgeous voice, but she sadly had to take a break from making music after developing nodes on her vocal chords.

Her confidence plummeted as a result, and she rarely performs anymore.

So when McConahay heard her quietly practicing an acoustic version of “Riptide” by Vance Joy, he wanted to capture the moment.

He set up a camera and filmed her intimate performance to share on YouTube.

According to McConahay,

She is so talented and I knew I shouldn’t be the only one to get to hear her play.

His plan was a success.

In one day, the video accumulated over 70,000 views, and the feedback has been largely positive.

As for his wife?

He insists,

She [is] actually pretty excited. This post has been healing for her and she is very thankful for all the positive posts—as am I.

Check out her beautiful acoustic rendition of the song above.