Guy Raises Money To Attend Bachelor Party He Was Accidently Invited To


Next weekend, a Seattle man will attend the bachelor party of a groom he has never met.

Q13 Fox reports that Joey DiJulio, 31, received an email on Feb. 11 about someone named Jeff having his last night out before getting married.

He didn't know Jeff let alone anyone else in the email chain but decided to keep following the messages to see how the Philadelphia gathering was developing.

It wasn't until last Monday that the married father of one broke his silence.

The groom's brother was looking for a final headcount for the event, and DiJulio messaged the group to reveal he had been included by mistake.

A friend of Jeff's apparently has a very similar last name to DiJulio, the Huffington Post reports, and the names got mixed up before the emails were sent.

Here's what DiJulio said:

Jeff's friends emailed DiJulio soon after telling him they still wanted him to come.

He even got a message from the groom himself.

It read,

DiJulio started a GoFundMe page on Monday to pay for the cross-country trip and a hotel called “Bachelor Party 4 Guy I've Never met."

His objective of $1,264 was met in less than one day.

So he raised the goal to $10,000 and plans to give all the excess money to the bride and groom for their honeymoon in Italy.

DiJulio told Q13 Fox that he isn't at all nervous about partying with guys he's never met because their email banter reminded him of his own friends.

He said,

The best man invitation was just for fun, however, as the position will be filled by the groom's 11-year-old cousin.

DiJulio leaves Seattle on March 27 to join Jeff and his buddies for some fun at a casino to watch March Madness.

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