The Guy With The Most Potent Sperm In Europe Has Impregnated 98 Women

Holland's Ed Houben may very well be the most potent man on earth.

The bachelor has fathered 98 children since 2002, the BBC reports, and has even succeeded in getting some women pregnant after doctors told them it was impossible.

Houben told the BBC that he took a hobby in going to sperm banks until the Netherlands banned anonymous donation.

Now he gets the job done the old way: having sex with women, many of whom are married.

Houben advertises his talents online, attracting women from all over Europe seeking him out for his incredible gift of insemination. The services are free of charge, as Houben already makes a nice living as a tour guide.

When asked whether husbands were uncomfortable with him fathering their children, he recalled a story of a family he helped not too long ago.

"They came here three times and now they have a baby," he said. "They are beyond these feelings of 'Ooh, there's a stranger sleeping with my wife.'"

Houben used to make his clients sign contracts but now doesn't bother after a lawyer told him there were ways around the documents anyway.

Besides, he doesn't look at his clients as purely business partners.

Houben forms relationships with all of the families and sometimes spends time with the kids. His keeps photos of nearly all of his children and has even received Father's Day gifts from the children of several lesbian couples.

Many clients have asked to meet up once or twice a year, a compromise he's happy to accept.

Houben also keeps a spreadsheet of every woman he's slept with to prevent the likelihood of him unknowingly having sex with one of his children.

"If, later on, one of my children meets someone who doesn't know who his natural father is, he can consult this list," he told the BBC.

Houben eventually wants to retire and start a family of his own but, for now, the daily grind is too much fun to stop.

via BBC, Top Photo Courtesy: Facebook