Guy Needs Surgery After Getting Girlfriend's Strap-On Stuck In His Ass

A Greek man was receiving anal sex from a strap-on worn by his girlfriend when the dildo broke off.

The sex toy became stuck in his anus, leaving surgery as the only option to get it out.

Doctors found the predicament hilarious and couldn't resist capturing the removal on video, inviting what looks like roughly 10 colleagues into the room to witness the dislodging.

Footage too graphic to be posted shows the doctors laughing hysterically as the massive sex toy is removed and taking pictures of it with their phones.

One of the jokes told during the video compares the procedure to the birth of a child, according to Live Leak.

The clip ends with the medical team erupting with laughter as the dildo hangs from a pair of forceps.

Doctors probably weren't smiling this big when a Chinese man was discovered to have a glass bottle stuck up his anus late last month due to an innovative approach to curing constipation.

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