Guy Crowdfunds To Get Excess Skin Removed After Losing 270 Pounds

by Emily Arata

Even after losing 270 pounds, Matt Diaz is still frustrated with his body image, but when he shared those insecurities online, his dream came true.

The Brooklyn resident, who began his weight loss journey at just 16 with a lap-band procedure, once weighed just shy of 500 pounds.

Today, he looks like an entirely different man. Earlier this week, however, Diaz filmed a shirtless video showing the problem he still struggles with: excess skin.

The body acceptance community Diaz found online had always bolstered his self-confidence, so he paid them back, sharing his real, vulnerable self.

Diaz told Upworthy he began feeling a little hypocritical, as if he was hiding behind his laptop screen.

He said,

I couldn't tell others that I wanted them to love themselves and keep myself hidden away and ashamed of my skin.

Hoping to save enough money for plastic surgery, the 22-year-old began a GoFundMe page.

In just one day, he raised well over his goal of $20,000.


For the first time, Diaz could see an end point to his struggle.

And it is much deserved.

Diaz often blogs about his emotional journey on Tumblr.

Just hours ago, he wrote, "The second this [GoFundMe] went viral, it became about so much more than just me."

"It became the story of every person ashamed and afraid to show their bodies."

"It became the story of people who were afraid to be themselves, and I was just the catalyst."

Although nervous, a 220-pound Diaz shared his body with his supporters.

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