Man Claims He Lost A Job Because The Tattoo He Got For An Ex Says 'ISIS'

The inside of his lip might say "ISIS," but Kirk Soccorso says he's no Muslim radical.

The Mastic, New York man claims he was recently fired from his job as a tool demonstrator at Home Depot after sharing a private tattoo with a few coworkers, KFOR reports.

While Soccorso is considering suing the company, however, a spokesperson for Home Depot denies the ink had anything to do with his termination.

The tattoo, which bears the name of the infamous Islamic terrorist group, is reportedly a homage to an ex-girlfriend.

According to Soccorso, the pair decided to swap name tattoos without any idea the acronym was problematic.

He explained,

She had this idea… Let's get each other's names tattooed. My name Kirk is four letters and hers is Isis... I honestly didn't know what the acronym meant until just recently.

We do crazy things for love.

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