Guy Hilariously Ends Up At A Round Table Discussion With The President (Photo)


Life lesson no. 564: Always read the fine print.

Unless, that is, you want to end up like this guy— the poor soul who thought he'd been invited to sit in the audience during a roundtable discussion with President Obama, but who'd really been invited to participate in special roundtable discussion with President Obama.

Yeah, that's a serious overlook. #Awkward.

Reddit user cc971172 posted a photo of the surprise conference to the image-sharing site, explaining,

The Obama administration sent an invitation in Utah to Hill Air Force Base We thought they wanted a representative from our company in the audience. Turns out, they wanted the rep for a special round table with the president. Due to this mix up we sent my friend instead of the CEO.

Luckily, he made it work — and even almost looks like he fits in with the presidential crowd.

Check out the pic below.

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