Guy Shows Just How Easy It Is To Drug Someone's Drink At The Bar (Video)

For most of us, getting roofied seems more like an urban myth than anything else.

We know it could happen, but it seems so rare and so foreign, we rarely actually consider the possibility.

YouTuber JoeySalads wants us to know ignorance, in this case, does not equal bliss and drugging a drink is much easier than most of us would like to believe.

In his latest video, Joey conducts a social experiment of sorts; he goes to restaurants and “spikes” unsuspecting customers’ drinks.

He doesn’t actually spike anyone's drink, but he shows he can while nobody is looking -- a scary reminder that date rape is a real threat.

As he writes in the video’s description,

One share can save a life.

So check out the video up top, and share it among your bar hoppin’ pals. They’ll thank you.