Heroic Guy Wins Girl's Heart By Saving A Man's Life During First Date

Rescuing a man from a car accident didn't just give Tristan Gareau a sense of personal satisfaction. It got him a second date.

The 21-year-old Winnipeg, Canada local and his date stopped on their way home last week after noticing a car smashed into the side of a residential building, CBC News reports.

Rather than wait for emergency services, Gareau investigated the scene himself.

Behind the wheel was Steve Guy, 65, who'd suffered some kind of medical problem. Foot still on the gas pedal, Guy was slumped over the wheel. Gathering his strength, Gareau lugged the man to safety.

As CTV News detailed, the rescue came just in time. Fire quickly overtook the damaged vehicle.

And while the driver recovers from his accident, Gareau reaps the rewards of a hero.

Reportedly the date, eager to spend time together after witnessing his bravery, is now his girlfriend.

Gareau told CBC News, "I've never [encountered] something like that before on a first date."

"...if any of you guys want to get a girl hooked on you, that's the way to do it, I guess."

He added, "I just hope that… somebody would do this for me if I was ever in that situation as well."

Gareau gave a local radio station a more in-depth version of his daring rescue.

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