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Guy Gets Arrested For Breaking Into Ex-GF's House And Sh*tting All Over

According to police, a Florida man broke into his ex-girlfriend's house and pooped on the most random series of possessions.

WESH reports that Michael Anthony Johnson, 27, was arrested in January for domestic battery, criminal mischief and resisting arrest.

A court order was also issued to the suspect forbidding him from entering the Apopka home of his ex.

Johnson allegedly waited just two days after being released from jail to violate his ban.

Investigators say he broke into the home, which now housed the homeowner's family of four, on Friday morning.

His only weapon appears to have been the aftermath of White Castle, Chipotle and a nice helping of Green Tea.

Johnson is accused of pooping on his former girlfriend's bed sheets, a glass plate, a wallet and a dresser.

The mass defecation was reportedly first witnessed by at least one of three children who lives at the home.

Johnson tried to lie about his identity to police, but one officer thought he looked familiar.

The officer said,

I recognized the defendant, and remembered responding to the same address in regards to an aggravated stalking with credible threat in May 2014.

He was arrested the same day.

His charges consist of burglary of an occupied dwelling, criminal mischief, sanitary nuisance, providing false information to law enforcement, petit theft and aggravated stalking.

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