Groom Has Perfect Response After 'Meninist' Twitter Mocks Wedding Photo


Over the weekend, a 23-year-old man took down "meninism" in a single, brilliant comeback.

Run by “meninists,” a group that claims men need the “same equality as women,” the offensive Meninist Twitter account often shares photos and ideas that promote a patriarchal ideal and incite controversy.

On Friday, the account tweeted a photo of Adam Harris on his wedding day. In the photo, Harris is seen crying -- evidently overcome with emotion.

Harris explained the emotional shot,

When Harris saw the Meninist account's grossly inaccurate description of his photo, he decided to fire back in the most gentlemanly way possible, and Twitter rallied in support of his amazing response.

In response to Meninist's "side hoes" joke, Harris tweeted:

Harris later explained, "I just reacted how I would normally."

Both women and men applauded his response to the rude Meninist tweet.

And it's been retweeted over 77,000 times.

Some people even said Harris singlehandedly restored their faith in love.

Harris says the responses to his comeback have been "really awesome."

This about sums up our thoughts:

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