This Great White Attacking A Boat Will Make You Never Go In The Ocean Again

A Great White shark came dangerously close to a film crew shooting from a small boat that nearly tipped over.

Shark specialists Jeff Kurr and Andy Casagrande boarded the dinghy to put a camera on the dorsal fin of a 20-foot beast for the Discovery Channel's "Lair of the Megashark."

Filmed in New Zealand, the documentary was shown last year during the network's legendary Shark Week.

According to Daily Mail, the shark was attempting to get some nearby bait when it bit the rope attaching the main boat to the dinghy, which then shook back and forth.

It was only after this brush with death that the crew realized it wasn't the best idea to put such small boats in the water with their subjects.

Video of the encounter resurfaced after wildlife groups posted images from the documentary online to show the danger of such operations.

The activists believe sharks have recently come to associate the sight of a boat with food and are therefore much more likely to attack.

Such theories, however, are yet to be voiced by experts on shark behavior.

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