Badass Grandfather Shoots 3 Robbers Who Tried Raping His Granddaughter

North Carolina's Kenneth Byrd, 67, was at home with his wife and granddaughter when someone knocked on the door at about 10 pm Monday night.

A man allegedly told Byrd he was having car trouble and asked for a drink of water.

As he opened the door, two other armed men wearing ski masks and black clothing reportedly forced themselves in and threatened harm if he didn't give them money, according to police.

Byrd and his wife were led to a safe toward the back of the home.

When Byrd learned of the criminals' other plan -- to gang-rape his 19-year-old granddaughter -- he allegedly opened fire with a gun he may have gotten from inside the safe.

He shot the three men and was shot once himself, according to The Blaze. The robbers then fled the home in Byrd's Cadillac.

Two had been so seriously injured they went to a local hospital, where they were arrested. The third, a 20-year-old, died in the stolen car.

Byrd was airlifted to a hospital and is reported to be in critical condition. The conditions of the two surviving suspects are unknown.

H/T: Opposing Views, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It