Goodbye, Major Cities! This Is What Coastlines Would Look Like If All The World's Ice Melted

National Geographic has produced a series of maps to show what Earth would look like if all the planet's ice caps were to melt.

As you can see, New York, San Francisco, New Orleans and London would all sink to their deaths.

Yet this might just be a worthy exchange for the disappearance of the entire state of Florida, a sacrifice clearly necessary for the advancement and salvation of the human race.

But we wouldn't even get to enjoy a post-Florida world as the coastline change would provoke an uncontrollable amount of migration across continents, which in turn would result in outbreaks of pestilence, war and famine.

America would look a lot like Neil Blomkamp's dystopian depiction of Los Angeles in his recent sci-fi flick, "Elysium."

The situation overseas would be catastrophic, as well. The Chinese and Indian coastlines, the most densely populated areas on Earth, would also melt.

Japan would stay intact due to its mountainous geography, but most of its cities would be gone.

To see more of these maps visit National Geographic

Via: Sploid, Top Photo Courtesy: National Geographic