WTF? 12-Year-Old Girl's iPhone Catches On Fire In Her Back Pocket

A Philadelphia girl was left with second-degree burns after her iPhone caught on fire in her back pocket.

According to Daily Mail, 12-year-old Alexis Rolon was walking to school on Friday when she heard the sound of something crackling.

She then saw smoke coming out of her back pocket, the place she kept her iPhone 5c.

A searing pain on the skin of her buttocks soon followed.

Rolon told local news station WPVI,

I felt it burning, I took it out -- it was on fire so I stepped on it to take out the fire.

When Rolon reached her destination, she went to the school nurse. The nurse at Aloysius L. FitzPatrick School then called Rolon's mother.

Doctors at Nazareth Hospital determined she suffered second-degree burns.

The device appeared to have burned spontaneously, melting its case and destroying its insides in the process.

It also formed a hole in Rolon's jeans.

Rolon received the phone as a present from her parents in November 2014 and hadn't experienced any problems until the bizarre incident.

Her mother, Roselly Rolon, told NBC10,

We depend on these phones. And the same phone that I'm depending on is gonna burn my daughter. Thank God it wasn't her face.

Apple has yet to make an official statement on the incident, but iPhones have burst into flames several times before.

An iPhone 6 caught fire in the pocket of an Arizona man in October 2014, and an iPhone 5c, owned by a middle school girl, exploded in January 2014.

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