9-Year-Old Writes To Obama About Putting Women On Money, He Responds (Photos)

When a young girl named Sofia learned about women's suffrage, she sent President Obama a letter and then promptly forgot about it.

Less than a year later, however, Obama replied.

TIME reports Sofia, now 9 years old, had written to ask why there are no famous American women represented on coins or bills.

She listed women like Rosa Parks and Ida B. Wells, adding the cut-and-dried point that without women there wouldn't even be any men.

And, moreover, woman have made some pretty important contributions to the country.

On official stationary, Obama thanked her for the letter, noted the "good idea" and added he's working to make Sofia's America a place where both men and women are treated equally.

He's since offered her a spot at the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll.

Sofia told TIME her takeaway from the experience is anyone, even a little girl, can have his or her opinion heard by politicians and leaders.

She added,

Write a letter to somebody important because something could happen and it could actually change.

The Massachusetts girl, inspired by the women who came before her, sent a polite note to the White House.

Sofia even included a list of her favorite historical women.

Dear Mr. President, I am writing to know why there aren't many [women] on the dollars/coins for the United States. I think there should be more women on a dollar/coin for the United States [because] if there [were] no women there wouldn't be men… Also there are many [women] that could be on dollars/coins for the United [States] because of the important things [they've] done. Please write back. Sofia

President Obama thanked the little girl for her passion and support of strong women.

Dear Sofia: This is a belated note to thank you for writing to me with such a good idea last summer. The women you listed and drew make up an impressive group, and I must say you're pretty impressive too. I'll keep working to make sure you grow up in a country where women have the same opportunities as men, and I hope you'll stay involved in issues that matter to you. If you keep focusing on school and trying to help others whenever you can, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Thanks again for the great letter. I expect big things from you. Sincerely, Barack Obama

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