5-Year-Old Uses Lemonade Stand To Raise $25K For Brother's Disability

At 5 years old, Na'ama Uzan has already taken a major step in changing the life of her special needs older brother.

With the aid of a few kindly donors and a lemonade stand, Na'ama raised over $25,000 in the past year to benefit the Foundation for Angelman Syndrome Therapeutics. Na'ama's brother, 7-year-old Nadav, was diagnosed with the neurogenetic disorder as a toddler.

She spent the last year selling drinks out of a stand in her home city of Toronto, asking friends and locals to help raise money to find a cure for Nadav.

Her lemonade stand is one of three kept running by members of the community.

Na'ama's story spread far, and it even touched the hearts of David and Steve Low, two Californias who raised $20,000 for a research grant in the little girl's name.

Reportedly, their son, Joshua, suffers from the same disorder.

David Uzan, Na'ama's father, told the Toronto Star he's touched to see his little girl working for her brother's benefit.

He said, "It's quite amazing. Even at their young ages, they realize that they can do something to help [him]."

"It's quite incredible how they've all really stepped up."

Thanks to his little sister and gallons of lemonade, Nadav could have the chance for a bright future.

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