9-Year-Old Girl Pens Amazing Letter To Congress For Marriage Equality (Photos)

Though most of the country has legalized same-sex marriage, there remain a few backwards-thinking states that continue to fight against freedom.

Texas is one of those states, and one resident named Maggie is not happy about it.

So she penned an official complaint to the United States Congress, which read:

Dear Congress, Would you like it if someone wouldn't let you get married to a person you loved of your own gender? No. So why are you not letting people do that? That needs to change, and it needs to change now. Would you rather me send letters all year? Or you listen the first time? Your choice. Sincerly, Maggie

Oh, and did we mention Maggie is only 9 years old?

According to her father, the third-grader has also written letters to President Obama and has chosen to write these letters, one per week, as an activity for Lent.

Her father said,

She clearly has very strong views about right and wrong, fairness and injustice. And, as she has learned by age 9, sometimes assertive actions are what is needed.

Prior to writing the letter to Congress -- which her mother promises to mail -- Maggie confessed her desire to advocate for LGBT rights in a paper she wrote for school.

In fact, working for gender equality is one of her life goals, according to one homework assignment she completed.

She also hopes her life's work will include eating 100 cupcakes.

Basically, Maggie is the most badass 9-year-old ever. If we were in charge, we'd do exactly what she says.

Texas, look out!

Maggie's letter to Congress:

A class assignment detailing her goals:

Maggie's life goals:

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