Girl Who Was Paralyzed Surprises Nurse By Standing Up And Walking (Video)

Doctors and nurses take care of sick patients every day — but that doesn’t mean they’re desensitized, as this video perfectly shows.

Bailey had been hospitalized for well over a week after she randomly and suddenly experienced complete paralysis from the waist down.

Doctors had no idea what caused Bailey’s sudden immobility and, thus, had no way to treat it.

Regardless, they kept the teen girl at the hospital, during which time she made fast friends with an older nurse.

After 11 days, Bailey suddenly regained full control of her body, so she decided to prank her nurse friend by rolling up to her in a wheelchair — and then standing up.

The nurse’s reaction is at once hilarious and deeply heartfelt; it’s obvious she truly cares about her younger patient and wanted, more than anything, for her to recover.

Check out the super sweet clip up top.