Crazy Girlfriend Tries To Frame Her Boyfriend By Jumping Out Of A Moving Car (Video)

Dallas Judge Carlos Cortez was arrested last December when his 26-year-old girlfriend, Maggie Strother, claimed he had choked her over a railing.

But his attorneys insisted that Cortez was actually holding Strother at the railing to prevent her from jumping over the balcony.

They said that Strother regularly mixes prescription drugs with alcohol and threatens to commit suicide.

She also has a habit of harming herself and blaming Cortez.

Police needed proof, so Cortez produced two videos.

The first is a surveillance video taken in the apartment building where Strother said she was assaulted. It shows her pleading with Cortez to let her back into his home after the suicide attempt.

The second was taken by Cortez in his car because he had a feeling he'd need evidence when Strother eventually took him to court.

The cell phone footage shows a visibly wasted Strother throwing herself out of Cortez's car as it's moving.

She lands on the ground and proceeds to ask Cortez why he pushed her out.

The judge cleared all charges shortly after police saw the cell phone video.

h/t My Fox