A Germanwings Pilot Emotionally Addressed Passengers One Day After Crash

On Tuesday, the copilot of Germanwings Flight 9525, Andreas Lubitz, deliberately crashed the plane.

Just one day later, a pilot from the same airline took it upon himself to promise his passengers a safe flight.

Passenger Britta Englisch posted a statement on the Germanwings' Facebook page recounting her initial nervewracking feelings boarding the flight, BuzzFeed reports.

Instead of closing the cabin door in the faces of his passengers, the pilot stepped into the aisle of the plane to assure everyone he planned to get them to the ground safely.

Thanks to the kindness of this pilot, Englisch and her fellow flyers had nothing to worry about.

The Facebook post, translated from German by BuzzFeed, reads,

Yesterday morning at 8:40 am, I got onto a Germanwings flight from Hamburg to Cologne with mixed feelings. But then the captain not only welcomed each passenger separately, he also made a short speech before take off. Not from the cockpit — he was standing in the cabin. He spoke about how the accident touched him and the whole crew. About how queasy the crew feels, but that everybody from the crew is voluntarily here. And about his family and that the crew have a family and that he is going to do everything to be with his family again tonight. It was completely silent. And then everybody applauded. I want to thank this pilot. He understood what everybody was thinking. And that he managed to give, at least me, a good feeling for this flight.

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