Genius: Bros On YouTube Are Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness By Motorboating Boobs


YouTube pranksters Simple Pickup are offering to donate $20 to breast cancer awareness funds for every girl that lets one of them motorboat her.

As of this morning, they have raised $2,080.

The accompanying video features the bros asking random attractive women to let them stick their faces in their luscious love balloons to raise money for those in need of treatment.

For every 100,000 views the video gets, another $100 will be donated.

So far, it has attained nearly 500,000.

Many have branded the bros perverts and even sex offenders because most of their pranks involve making some sort of sexual advance against someone’s will.

The group’s critics, however, are more upset by what’s happening on the surface rather than the context.

What they’ve done in the past is definitely creepy as f*ck, but if there’s consent and it’s all for breast cancer funding, well, we're glad they have finally found out how to use their rapey vibe to help a good cause.

H/t: Daily Dot, Top Photo Courtesy: YouTube