When Gender Roles Are Reversed, People Have Very Different Reactions To Domestic Violence (Video)

Most people would agree that domestic violence is a very serious issue in society today, and one that shouldn't be taken lightly.

That is, of course, unless it involves a woman abusing a man. A social experiment by the ManKindInitiative looked to see how people would react to domestic violence in public places.

A couple shown in a public square decides to test this out first with the man abusing the woman. Instantaneously, people come to the woman's aid, shaming the man for putting his hands on her.

Then, the roles are reversed, and the woman becomes the abuser. When this happens, however, nobody comes to the man's aid. In fact, many people can be seen laughing at the woman abusing the man.

While some commenters have pointed out the footage could have been edited, the fact of the matter remains: abuse is abuse and violence is violence.

No matter who the abuser is, it's wrong to put one's hands on another person. Violence by women against men should be treated with the same disapproval as the abuse of women by men. Double standards like these are truly dangerous for society.