A Gaza Man Says He Was Tricked Into Selling Banksy Painting For $175


The work of famed graffiti artist Banksy usually sells for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But a man living in the Gaza Strip recently sold one of Banksy's original pieces for a mere $175, or 700 shekels.

Rabie Darduna was living in Gaza City with his wife and six children during last year's 50-day war with Israel. His home was destroyed in the conflict and all that remained was the front door.

Soon after, Banksy came to the region and painted on the door. The mysterious artist painted the Greek goddess Niobe as she cried for her dead children.

Darduna was eventually approached by a group of men who expressed interest in the artwork.

Darduna said,

Only after the sale did Darduna realize the true potential worth of the painting. While the buyers insist that the deal was fair and legal, Darduna disagrees.

He said,

According to a representative for the artist, Banksy thinks the door should be returned to Darduna as well.

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