Fugitive Turned Rapper/Model Finally Gets Caught During Fake Photo Shoot

Get ready for your daily dose of crazy.

Earlier this month, British police arrested Ben Fiberesima, a fugitive turned international model and rapper. The police set up the sting operation as a photo shoot for a luxury swimwear brand.

Fiberesima's story begins in 2008 when he was arrested on weapons and fraud charges. The known British gangster decided to skip his court date, because f*ck jail, and instead, he fled to Australia and assumed a new identity.

Living as Roky Million, Fiberesima made a name for himself as a rapper and model, and starred in campaigns for major brands including Tom Ford, Calvin Klein and Nike.

Over a seven-year period, Fiberesima became wildly successful: He wrote a self-help book about his “rags to riches” story (he alleged it helped make 317 readers millionaires themselves), was selected to try the Google Glass and somehow befriended the entire cast of a popular Australian soap opera.

All this time, mind you, Fiberesima was wanted by the British police. But while he lived under the identity of Roky Million, he left no paper trail indicating his real identity, so the law, apparently, couldn't find him.

That is, until police received an anonymous tip of his whereabouts when he returned to the UK in August 2014. With the new information, they set a trap by posing as a swimwear brand.

The undercover cops recruited Fiberesima to pose in a campaign for the brand and arrested him once he arrived on set.

The only cameras he'll be modeling for any time soon are the security cameras from inside his prison cell.

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