Frozen Lake Is So Clear It Looks Like This Guy Is Walking On Water (Video)

For most of us, temperatures dropping below freezing means a whole lot of cuddling up to our laptops and binge-watching Netflix.

Nobody wants to be out in this weather: It's way too cold, the sidewalks are loaded up with that blackish-gray sludge everyone wishes would disappear and the streets are covered in ice.

Well, apparently Lake Huron in Michigan is covered in ice, too, but this man and his dog don't seem to mind.

In a video posted to YouTube, the man brings us on a first-person adventure with his dog while walking on the lake, which is covered in totally transparent ice.

I wonder if anyone saw the man and his canine pal trekking over the lake with their video camera. The ice is so crystal clear, it must have looked like the man was walking on water and setting up a selfie for his followers. Classic.

To be honest, I was waiting for the ice to crack throughout the entire video.

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