Hipsters Are Now Wearing Flower Crowns In Their Beards. Seriously. (Photos)

by Lauren Martin

Women love flowers. Women love beards. So what woman wouldn't love a beard of flowers?

Hopping on, or imitating (one can never tell these days) the trend of flower crowns, men have taken up flower beards. A way for them to express their hippie-loving, molly eating, festival attending selves, men have taken back the previously girly trend.

The only things they're missing are some high waisted jean shorts and crop tops.

If women can do it, why can't they? I think we can all agree that flower crowns on suburban princesses and women who are most likely scared of ants look just as ridiculous as they do on these men.

Besides, this is 2014, who said flowers are strictly feminine?

I would sniff your chin all day

He definitely lives in a forest... That's so hot

It's the tamed flower look

Well, if John Lennon does it...

Dandelions for a dandy man

He likes things a untamed down there...

He likes the more natural look

Try to keep your eyes on the flowers

via Swagger NewYork, Photos Courtesy: Tumblr