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These Flotation Pods Are The Perfect Way To De-Stress And Meditate (Photos)

Sensory overload is a hallmark of our modern society.

Think about it: The more “connected” we become, the less time we have to be alone with our thoughts. And the less time we have to relax and think, the more stressed we become.

It's not rocket science, nor should it come as a surprise to anybody.

That said, it can be difficult to find the time and a proper place to truly unwind and let go, even if just for an hour. But it's incredibly necessary that we do.

That is where flotation pods come in.

First introduced in the 1950s, floatation pods are essentially oversized, covered bathtubs used for sensory-deprivation hydrotherapy, and they're seeing a major resurgence in the health and wellness industry.

Also called float therapy, the process involves floating in an enclosed, silent, pitch-black tank of warm salt water for a given period of time as a way to meditate.

The practice, popular on the West Coast and increasingly in major cities, is said to reduce stress, decrease depression and anxiety, reduce muscle pain and increase creative performance.

Allegedly, the body falls into intense relaxation in the pods, which clients immerse themselves in for anywhere from one to eight hours, once per week to once per month.

Because of the full sensory deprivation allowed by the enclosed chambers, users may hallucinate or report pleasant out-of-body experiences when they first begin.

While that sounds a bit scary, the reality is, if you're looking to meditate, there's perhaps no place better.

Thanks to the support of various celebrities -- including UFC fighter Pat Healy -- float centers are becoming more popular than ever in cities throughout the US.

In New York, an hour-long float session at Vibrant Sea Hydrotherapy Spa will set you back $90, a price I consider incredibly fair, given the purported benefits.

So next time you need to seriously unwind, ditch the liquor. Instead, remove yourself from the world for a while.

Your body and mind will thank you.

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