In A Bizarre Coincidence, This Woman Wore The Same Thing As The Floor (Photo)

Who wore it best: this girl or the floor?

Imgur user beedat walked into a room and noticed she and the floor wore the same thing to an event.

I walked into the room and realised the floor had chosen the same outfit.

This clear coincidence could have played out in one of two ways:

1. Her friends immediately jump to her side and say stuff like “Who does that floor think it is?” or “Girl, you look better than that floor” and “That floor is jealous of you," while throwing major shade -- both figuratively and literally if the lights are on -- at the floor.

2. Beedat realizes how funny the wardrobe coincidence is, takes a lighthearted picture and posts it to the Web.

Thankfully, she did the latter and the Internet responded, viewing the photo over one million times in 24 hours.

Beedat commented on the photo, stating she covered her face because she didn't know whether to be smiling in the picture or embarrassed for having the same fashion sense as a floor.

Girl, trust me, that floor ain't got nothin' on you. That floor is jealous.

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