Footage Of The Crazy Flash Flood In Texas Invading A Home Is Terrifying

Video filmed in Wimberley, Texas shows a flood bursting through the doors of a home and filling up its first floor.

According to CNN, the brown water rushed into the Perez family's vacation home on Saturday night after the Blanco River began to flood.

Ernie Perez didn't think emergency workers would be able to reach his family, but thankfully, firefighters were already in the area to see if an elderly individual was all right.

When describing the rescue, Perez said,

We see flashing lights in the distance. We saw a fire crew with two trucks and a boat. My brother whistles and gets their attention.

Rain-induced floods and tornadoes killed 35 people, including 15 in Texas, within the past five days. Storms are expected to continue in the Lone Star State.

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