This Could Be A First-Hand Account Of The Michael Brown Shooting (Graphic)

While this information has not been confirmed, it appears that someone may have tweeted the Michael Brown shooting as it happened. Tim Dickinson, a reporter for Rolling Stone, created a timeline of the tweets, which began with "I JUST SAW SOMEONE DIE OMFG."

The tweeter, under the handle @TheePharoah, reportedly lives on the street where Michael Brown was shot.

These tweets could prove to be invaluable evidence in this case, as they might prove that Michael Brown was running away from the officer when he was shot. Accordingly, this would provide evidence that the officer did not fire in self-defense, but out of malice.

Here are the tweets, in chronological order:

I JUST SAW SOMEONE DIE OMFG — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
Im about to hyperventilate — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
@allovevie the police just shot someone dead in front of my crib yo — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

This appears to be a photo of Brown's body in the street...

Fuckfuck fuck — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
Its blood all over the street, niggas protesting nshit. There is police tape all over my building. I am stuck in here omg — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
Bruh. Im so upset — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

This is perhaps the most important tweet, in terms of evidence surrounding the circumstances of the shooting.

@_amourlace no reason! He was running! — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

He claims that he actually saw Brown get shot... if this is true, he will likely have to testify.

I saw it happen man.. — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
@AlexDon314 yes man, he dead in the street. — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
@DomoTheTruth dude was running and the cops just shot.him. i saw him die bruh — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

Here he is, claiming that Brown was shot directly in front of his house.

@taeGawd bruh in.front! — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

It seems that a lot of people questioned what he was tweeting about as this was occurring...

@DomoTheTruth Im in the tape man this shit right in front.of my apartment — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
@taeGawd gahdamn that shit crazy — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
Im over the initial shock, but gahdamn — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

His description of Brown is decidedly accurate.

@DomoTheTruth he looked like 18 or 19. His parents out here tripping now — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

Here he is referring to the number of times Brown was shot, which is also similar to other accounts surrounding the number of shots fired...

@SLIKK_DARKO yeah man. 7 times i think — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
@SLIKK_DARKO the first two was, the next 5 werent, he turned around — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
"@taeGawd: @TheePharoah he 17 and got shot 9 times." BRUH — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
The first two was clear, then it was a barage of them shits — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

He apparently took a photo of a police officer carrying an assault rifle...

Nigga got an AR — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
@DeadestPoet hella out here — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
@trbrowwn i have no idea. As far as i know, no reason. He was running.apparently — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
@MVPGO cuz, I saw the parents out here they were 20 feet away from me, screaming — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014

Does this confirm that Brown was involved in a robbery?

@_takeitsleazy apparently he stole some rellos — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 9, 2014
Thanks to everybody that checked on me, I love yall, Ima be safe. Yall be safe too. — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 11, 2014

Later, @TheePharoah asked the media not to contact him...

Dear media, please dont ask me questions. I will tell you i know nothing. — Bruh. (@TheePharoah) August 14, 2014

Whether or not this information can be confirmed is still open to discussion, yet, this could possibly turn out to be one of the most powerful examples of social media being utilized as evidence in a court of law.

Photo Credit: Weston Green/ Nathan Weber