Firefighters Saved A Family Of Dogs With Tiny, Animal-Sized Oxygen Masks

When one Palm Coast home caught on fire last week, 37-year-old homeowner Roy Casey and his daughter managed to escape before the fire department arrived.

But there were six others still trapped in the blaze: four dogs and two tiny puppies.

While putting out the blaze, a crew of Floridian firefighters rushed into the home in an attempt to save the cowering canines.

Fortunately, all were rescued from the home, but they did suffer from severe smoke inhalation.

Thanks to the efforts of firefighter David Lawrence, who held oxygen masks over the dogs' snouts to help them breathe, the whole family was saved.

The Flagler County Fire rescue chief, Don Petito, proudly reported,

We were able to revive all of the dogs with oxygen masks made specifically for household pets.

A neighbor later confirmed the rescue via Facebook, adding the puppies were nursing from their mother and recovering.

This miraculous rescue sheds light on the importance of animal-sized oxygen masks, which are carried by only a small number of fire brigades across the country.

Nonprofit Project Breathe is one organization seeking to spread awareness of animal rescue, as up to 150,000 domesticated pets die in house fires each year.

With donations, the organization is hoping to raise enough money to buy animal oxygen masks for fire departments throughout the country.

Pet owners across the pond can donate to the Smokey Paws charity. It buys animal-sized oxygen masks for UK-based fire departments.

This is the Casey home that caught fire last week.

Firefighters gave the dogs oxygen to help them breathe.

The poor guys were suffering from smoke inhalation due to the blaze.

Luckily, the firefighters rescued all six pups trapped in the home.

And they're recovering beautifully.

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