These Remade 'Fifty Shades' Movie Posters Highlight The Story's Abuse

by Emily Arata

In new versions of the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movie posters, Christian Grey is anything but charming.

With the release of the controversial film this weekend, many have started loudly protesting about how the movie and book don't accurately represent the BDSM community.

Instead, they say the relationship between Grey and Anastasia Steele glamorizes domestic abuse.

To prove that point, Tumblr user The Sixth Siren of Pandora found the most controlling, manipulative pieces of dialogue from E.L. James' erotic novels and Photoshopped the lines over the "Fifty Shades" movie posters.

In a 2012 interview, however, James says discussing her books in the context of domestic violence is untrue and frankly unproductive.

She told The Telegraph,

Nothing freaks me out more than people who say this is about domestic abuse... Bringing up my book in this context... demonises loads of women who enjoy this lifestyle, and ignores the many, many women who tell me they've found the books sexually empowering.

James' statements sit in stark contrast to the ongoing #50DollarsNot50Shades campaign.

The hashtag, sponsored by the National Center on Sexual Exploitation and several other nonprofits, encourages supporters to donate $50 to support victims of domestic abuse rather than pay to see the film.

Grey's fifty shades of abuse will not longer be tolerated by those who recognize abuse in his dialogue.

Psychology Today identifies superiority as one of several tell-tale traits of an abuser.

It's a quality Grey nearly always shows.

He is quick to place his own needs above Anastasia's in their relationship.

Grey often places guilt on her when she tries to back out of their sexual relationship.

He even verbally attacks her.

Grey keeps tabs on her phone and location at all times.

When she tries to give herself distance to think, Grey urges her into rushed decisions.

He doesn't respect consent, a key element of BDSM practice.

He chooses to punish Anastasia rather than respect her.

Grey even injures his lover without care.

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