The FBI Is Classifying Animal Abuse As A Top-Tier Felony To Stop It Once And For All

by Emily Arata

Abuse an animal, and you'll be considered among the ranks of murderers and cannibals.

Earlier this week, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that animal abuse will be prosecuted as a "crime against society," making it a Group A felony equal to arson and murder in the eyes of the law.

The AP reports that the FBI will prosecute intentional abuse and torture, gross neglect, sexual abuse and organized abuse, which includes dog fights.

The policy change is an effort to prosecute more animal abusers, landing them in jail and setting an example. Animal abuse is not simply a minor crime.

The National Sheriff's Association hopes that arresting abusers will help minimize criminal activity in the future by collecting information about the people who commit animal abuse.

Psychologists have long suspected connections between animal abuse and behavioral disorders. Reports say that serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer often brutally decapitated stray animals as a child.

If he'd been behind bars, 17 men would never have died. His story is just one of many.

The FBI will reportedly begin collecting information about animal abuse in January of 2016, taking the time to restructure internal systems and systems of reporting crimes.

H/T: Take Part, Photo Courtesy: We Heart It