Man With 26 Kids From 15 Different Women Just Now Regrets His Choices

by Sean Levinson

Peter Rolfe, who used to be a nightclub bouncer in London, says at his former job, he would basically have sex whenever he wanted.

Now he's a 64-year-old ex-convict with one good eye and a walking stick who lives off government benefits.

But those are the least of his problems.

Rolfe, who lives in Newport, Britain, is the father of 14 daughters and 12 sons by 15 different women, Daily Mail reports.

He's been married six times and is unaware of the identities of many of his children and former partners.

He said,

I was a doorman and you get to pick the 'pick of the ladies' if you like, or whatever you want to call it, and any doorman will tell you that. You could go home with a different woman every night and I'll be honest, I did for a while. But I regret that lifestyle very much because I have lost contact with a lot of my children which I'm not happy with that. I think about those children every day.

Rolfe has a lengthy criminal record for charges including drug possession, drunk driving and handling stolen goods.

His sexual conquests even led to him being accused of bigamy, but that case was dropped in 2003 due to insufficient evidence.

He claims to have changed his life in the year 2000 with a new goal of looking after his children.

Rolfe has been convicted several times since then for offenses such as threatening behavior and possessing unlicensed ammunition, but according to Daily Mail, he avoided prison on the grounds that he is responsible for his children.

He said,

I'll hold my hands up, I do admit, I've let down quite a few of my children and I'm ashamed of that. I made the decision to not go around chatting up the women or taking the pick of the women from the pubs and clubs I worked in.

Rolfe along with seven of his children moved into a five-bedroom home funded by taxpayers in September of 2011.

He currently collects the equivalent of roughly $70,000 a year in benefits and has no job, and he's asking for an even bigger home for his family.

Ex-wife Claire Drake, however, believes he deserves no rewards for his behavior.

She said,

He's just evil. He should be castrated. He will carry on having more kids if he finds anyone stupid enough. It is absolutely disgusting the amount he receives in benefits while I am working for a roof over my head.

Drake, a bartender, is Rolfe's fifth wife.

She married him in 1997, and the couple had six kids in seven years.

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