Over 30 Romanian Women Arrested For $15K-A-Night Prostitution Ring

by Sean Levinson

More than 30 Romanian models and TV personalities, many of whom are extremely well-known throughout the country, have been arrested for allegedly participating in a prostitution ring.

Seven women have been charged so far, and 25 more are being investigated, according to Daily Mail.

Police say clients would be charged the equivalent of over $2,200 just to be introduced to one of the women, presumably because some of them were famous.

Among those allegedly involved is Diana Nicoras, a 20-year-old Playboy model.

The ring's orchestrators are said to have made over $15,000 a night in a business that began in August of 2014.

Exactly how many women were involved is unclear, but police have said another 30 women on top of the 33 could be investigated.

One of the women has reportedly fled to Dubai.

TV host Daniela Crudu told local media of her surprise encounter with police.

She said,

I was sleeping and woke up when the police hammered at the door. I was one of the first girls to be questioned. They asked me if I know certain girls and I said I did, but I can't tell you more.

She is one of three TV hosts to have had her home raided.

At least six accused models will appear in court in Bucharest, Romania's capital, on Friday.

They include Nicoras, 24-year-old Diana Guresoaie and 29-year-old Lavinia Despina.

Here are photos of some of the girls:

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